Please answer the following questions at your conveninence in an enviroment free of distractions private. All answers will be treated in anonymity. The results will be published as part of a larger research project, as in the previous HITE REPORT, or as The Hite Report 2012. Please feel free to elaborate as much as possible, the more elaborate the answers the more you can help with our research. NOTE: All fields are required except "Ethnic Background"

New Questions

Please state your age:
Please state your country of origin.
Please state your ethnic background (optional).
Are you in a relationship?
Do you think sexual equality is important?
Do you have sexual equality in your relationship?
Please explain why or why not?.
Do you ever feel pressured to reach orgasm during intercourse? Otherwise you are not a real woman or a normal woman? When?
Otherwise you feel you are not a real woman or a normal woman? When?
Are you happy in your relationship? what would make you happier?
what would make you happier?
What is sex usually like?
Are you usually offered clitoral stimulation to orgasm, or are you offered only intercourse?
Does Sexual Violence occur in your relationship?
Please explain.
Have you perceived it as dangerous? As a prelude to violence?
Please explain Why or why not?
Do you usually have orgasms during intercourse?

How? What kind?

Original Questions

1. Is having orgasm important to you?
Would you enjoy sex just as much without having orgasm?
Is having sex important to you?
2. Please describe what an orgasm feels like to you, if you have them.
3. When do you usually have orgasm?

4. If other factors were right, what physical stimuli would lead you to have an orgasm most often?
6. Do you use the same manner of reaching orgasm during masturbation and intercourse [vaginal penetration]?
Are your techniques the same for reaching orgasm during masturbation and intercourse/vaginal penetration?
7. Please give a graphic description of how your body could best be stimulated to orgasm.
8. Do you usually have orgasm during intercourse or masturbation?

9. What positions are best for having orgasm during intercourse?

10. Do penis size and shape make a difference to you?
What size and shape do you like?

11. Describe which kinds of intercourse or vaginal penetration are good for you or back OR neither.

12. Where (at which physical location) do you feel the orgasm when you have it during intercourse?
13. Is it easier for you to reach orgasm when intercourse is not in progress?
Does it feel different?
In other words, do you reach orgasm more easily by more direct stimulation of your clitoris such as in masturbation?
14. Are the orgasms you have with masturbation different from the orgasms you have during intercourse?
Which is stronger, 'better'?
15. What positions are best for having an orgasm during clitoral stimulation?
16. Do you like soft, medium or hard massage of your clitoral area?

Do you prefer rhythmic movements or circular rubbing? Is your leg position varied or constant?
Is your leg position varied or constant?
17. Please describe how you and your partner usually do clitoral stimulation to orgasm.
18. Do you have orgasms during oral sex/cunnilingus?

19. Do you use a vibrator to have orgasms – during lovemaking with your partner?
What type of vibrator is it?
On which body part do you use it – the clitoral area or vagina?
20. What physical preliminaries or 'foreplay' are important to you?
21. Do you like intercourse?
Do you ever have any physical discomfort?
22. Do you feel free to do all the things you would like during sex
Or would the other person be shocked?
23. Do you enjoy masturbation?
Is it more intense with/without a partner, when you are alone?
24. How do you masturbate? Please give a detailed description – for example, do you touch yourself with your hand or fingers, or a vibrator? Which kind of motion do you use – massaging in circles, or up and down or patting? Are your legs together or apart? Etc.
25. What is the sequence of events when you masturbate – for example, do you set the stage or make yourself look nice, then lie down and go at it?
26. Do you enjoy rectal contact? Penetration? How often do you do this? How often are you requested to do this?
27. What other sexual activities cause you to have orgasm ?
28. Is the time of the month important to how excited you are? Do you have intercourse during your period?
29. What do you think about during sex?  Do you fantasize – what about?
30. Are sounds and words important to you? What sex words, phrases and sounds stimulate you? Which do you dislike?
31. Does pornography stimulate you? Which kinds, what actions?
32. What do you think of sado-masochism [domination-submission]?
33. What would you like to try that you never have?
What would you like to do more often?
How would you like to see the usual bedroom scene changed?
34. What were your best sex experiences?
35. How important are orgasms to you? Is it more fun getting there or having them? Do they ever bore you?
36. Do you think you look ugly or beautiful when you are having orgasm?
37. How often do you desire sex? Do you actively seek it?
38. Is one orgasm sexually satisfying during intercourse or masturbation? How many would you like?
39. Do you go for long periods without sex?
Does it bother you?
Do you feel you are missing something when you are not with a partner?
40. If you almost never or never have orgasms, what factors would contribute to your having them?
41. Do you prefer sex with men, women, either or yourself?

42. Do you think most men are uninformed about your body?
What about Women?
43. Do you like sex toys during lovemaking, or masturbation?
44. Do you ever fake orgasms – how often? Why?
45. Do you feel you must have a climax, to 'perform' for your partner? Otherwise you are 'not normal' or not a 'real woman'? Do you feel like you should have an orgasm because it will be good for you, or because it will be a 'fun experience'?
46. Is having an orgasm somewhat of a concentrated effort?
47. Are you shy about having an orgasm with a partner? With a new partner? Why do you think this is?
48. Do you feel embarrassed asking for clitoral stimulation to orgasm, if your partner is not offering it? Do you think your partner is sacrificing to give you this?
49. What is it about sex that gives you the most pleasure?
50. Do you feel most men get more pleasure from intercourse than from sexual play?
Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself in sexual play which may not be stimulating for your partner?
51. Does your partner realize you reach orgasm when you do? During clitoral stimulation or sexual play? During intercourse? Do you show any particular signs? What are they? How do you look when you come?
52. Describe how most men have had sex with you – if there are any standard practices, etc.
53. Please describe how most women have had sex with you.
54. Do your partners masturbate you – to orgasm? Without being asked? Do they offer cunnilingus to orgasm? Without being asked?
55. Is there anything, any sexual practice, which you would like to share with other women? Recommend to them?
56. Do you ever find it necessary to masturbate to orgasm after 'making love'?
57. Which would cause you to become more excited – physical teasing or direct genital manipulation? Psychological teasing? How would you like to be teased?
58. Would you free-associate sex with getting pregnant and childbearing, with pleasure, love, or going to the bathroom? Other?
59. Have your opinions about this changed over time? Have your body's responses and have your interests changed over time? How much time?
60. Is having sex in any way political?
61. Have you read Masters and Johnson's or Sherfey's work, or articles discussing their work? Have you been influenced by them? Kinsey? Other writers?
62. What things were not covered in this questionnaire that you would like to say?
63. How did you like this questionnaire?
Thank you for filling the questionnaire.


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